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The entrepreneurial challenge of creating a brand is never easy. However, at times it becomes so obvious that there is no going back.

Fashion has always been a passion, but its industry made up of multiple intermediaries is too opaque.

The trend of the last decades was to offer everything for everyone and to fill stores with tons of clothes. It's like going to a restaurant with all the cuisines of the world with an expanding thanks!

We wanted fresh, local and go to specialists… just common sense, consume less but better!

Our job is to shape pants according to your desires and without producing in a short circuit thanks to pre-order.

The digital age allows us to be closer to you, to involve you in the creation of models, to manufacture as accurately as possible and to assess your satisfaction.

Furthermore, at Blue Cult, we don't want to choose between style and environment. We want a top look while limiting our impact on the planet. In short, aesthetics without forgetting ethics. Dressing simply out of necessity does not thrill us. We have a taste for beautiful details, colors and are looking for quality and innovation. This requires finding the right balance; an exclusively French manufacture would not allow us to offer the expected style. On the other hand, manufacturing across the Atlantic would have too high a carbon impact.

Our models will therefore be manufactured in the Mediterranean, as close as possible to the place of consumption.

Our ambition is to become an essential brand of jeans and chinos in Europe.

Offering great looks at the right price while limiting our ecological impact. Sensitive to the protection of the oceans, at Blue Cult, it's ZERO PLASTIC!

All our models will be presented on our social networks instagram / facebook and marketed on our website.

Our wish is to soon open a few physical reception points in beautiful emblematic cities to meet you, talk to you, advise you and pass on to you the passion for Blue Cult jeans.

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