Blue Cult is above all your brand of jeans and chinos to wear on all occasions.

How do we define Blue Cult?

You're tired of seeing tons of clothes in your closet without finally knowing what to put.

Why not consume better?

With the quiz and pre-order, we have the solutions!

VOX POPULI: we create what you want! you guide us on the cuts, the materials, the colors, the ecological priorities... We take care of the rest.

Our collaborative model is closer to you by manufacturing according to your needs without generating overstock and unsold items.

Passionate about clothes and saddened to see the small shops disappearing in favor of the big fast fashion brands, we wanted a new approach.

Children of the Mediterranean sensitive to our ecosystemand passionate about fashion, we wanted to combine our centers of interest. The blue of the jeans and the sea appeared as evidence, a real cult!

Emerged the idea of ​​BLUE CULT, a French brand, positive and eco-responsible, offering style, quality and an ecological awakening. We want to have a positive impact and make you aware of the ecological issues related to the Big Blue.

Thus we launched the #BLUECULTCHALLENGE to donate euros to the association Project Rescue Ocean.

Our clothes with a modern but timeless look are made from eco-responsible materials and in workshops that respect social and environmental standards. We work hand in hand with family businesses that are proud of their craftsmanship and want more responsible fashion.

Our philosophy is to produce the best pants in the most responsible and ethical way possible. We research new low impact fibers and inventive manufacturing techniques.

Details and nuances are our obsession. From the superior brass quality of the rivets to the matte finish of the buttons, in our eyes, nothing should be left to chance.

We want to surprise you with the use of unexpected fabrics, the perpetual search for a unique style with sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

BLUE CULT is the best alternative to be dressed in style while remaining casual.

Much more than a brand, it's a lifestyle that puts blue at the center of attention by giving your Mondays a weekend feel.

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